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Session at Kennelly's

Lovely time with some of my favorite area musicians picking and grinning at Kennelly's Grill House (just below where Lake Road comes out on Rt 9w). Check it out, we're working on making it a regular thing.

Featuring: Matt Greenhill, guitar, vocals, 'ti-fer; Matt Gordon, fiddle, various pat and shuffle percussion; Michel Henry, harmonica, guitar; Andy Jameson, bodhran; Ian Moore, fiddle, vocals; Stefan Waldman, banjo, mandolin.

Percussive dance improv — 0:00 // Whiskey In the Jar — 1:15 // Step it Up & Go — 5:14 // Willie Taylor — 9:01 //Champion Jig — 14:10 // Benton’s Dream —17:19 // Soldier’s Joy — 19:44 // Gran Mamou — 24:46.


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