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James Morrison (1)

Born in Sligo Co. on the 3rd of May, 1893. In his late teens and early twenties he travelled for the Gaelic League, teaching dancing and the Irish language mostly in Leitrim, but left for America in 1915 -- first to Boston but soon afterwards to Brooklyn. He recorded the Provincial Hornpipe in 1921, his first record of many, and indeed he helped usher in a golden age of commercial Irish traditional music recordings in the US.

There was a coalescence of amazing Irish musicians from Sligo at this time in NYC, and the recordings they made have truly made the Sligo style and repertoire a gold standard for many. I was having trouble finding a comprehensive list of Morrison's recordings so I have here compiled as thorough a tune-ography as I could; I've tried to include alternate names for some of the tunes, here placed in parentheses.


Irish Girl (Wild Irishman)/

Musical Priest/


Tailor’s Thimble/

Red Haired Lass;

Fisherman’s Lilt/

Colonel Fraser/

New Tobacco (Steampacket);

Tap Room/

Moving Bog;

Holly Bush (Mountain Top)/

Captain Kelly/

Moving Bog;


Blackberry Blossom;

Rakish Paddy/

Wheels of the World;

Lass of Carracastle/

Humours of Westport;

Ladies Pantalettes/

London Lasses;


Maud Miller;

Ravelled Hank of Yarn/

Duke of Leinster;

Down the Broom/


Bunch of Keys/


Ms Thornton's;

Boyne Hunt/

Sailor’s Bonnet;

Bonnie Kate/

Miss Lyon’s Fancy/


Farewell to Ireland/

Miss Monaghan;

Girl that Broke My Heart/

Connemara Stocking;

Limestone Rock/

Hayden’s Favourite;

Maid Behind the Bar/

Trim the Velvet;

Bag of Spuds/


Pigeon on the Gate;

Flax in Bloom/


Dairy Maids;


Kitty’s Wedding (Ship in Full Sail)/

the Rambler;

Old Man Dillon/

the Rose in the Heather;

Mouse in the Cupboard/

the Hag with the Money;

Noon Day Feast (Scatter the Mud)/

Fasten the Leg in Her;

Apples in Winter/

Frieze Breeches;

Black Rogue/

Saddle the Pony;

Lark in the Morning/

Wandering Minstrel;

Trip to the Cottage.


Plains of Boyle/



Flowers of Ballymote;

Poll Ha’penny/


Tailor’s Twist/

Flowers of Spring;

Provincial Hornpipes 1 & 2.


Farewell to Whiskey/

Dark Girl Dressed In Blue;

Spanish Lady (As I Went Up to Dublin City/

My Love Is but a Lassie Yet;

Return of Spring/

Mountain Pathway;

Happy Birdie/

Blue Bell;


Curlew Hills/

Peach Blossoms;

If We Hadn’t Any Women In the World.



Johnny, Will You Marry Me/

Keel Row;

set dance

Job of Journeywork.

Humours of Bandon.

The ITMA in Dublin has put a couple of Morrison recordings up on their website, check them out here:

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