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IJY, the first Season

So for Halloween I offer up the last hour-long 'odd cast' of wild and wonderful sonic atmospheres for the 2019-2020 season: 12 episodes, one for each sign of the zodiac. It's been a blast to share my back catalog as well as new projects, this is by no means the end of the Imagination Junk Yard but I'm still figuring out how I want to structure the next year's worth; check out any and all the episodes you may have missed below, starting with the latest --


Allow me to invite you into my haunted little cabin for a Halloween party complete with two full length storytimes -- Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Tell Tale Heart' & Howard Phillip Lovecraft's 'Nyarlathotep'. General spookiness, plus the election season tension is a palpable ambience as well. (click the image below)



Exploring the various partnerships between folk music and technology in this season of balance. Oh, and some polka related material as well, cuz here comes Oktoberfest! (click the image below)



An argument against rendering powerful, vital and earthy goddesses into virgins. I mean, where is all this harvest-time bounty supposed to be coming from anyway? Also, enjoy a tribute to the Voyager spacecraft and also have a sneak preview of some upcoming Moolah Temple tracks. (click the image below)



Outrageous extremes of exuberance and joy! Reveling in electronic dance music aligned with big furry organic heart-pumping folk. (click the image below)



An extremely wide-reaching exploration of my musical heritage, with an aural time-travel element. Music of the Bronze Age. Music of the Age of Prophets. Music of the Conquistadors and other deep ambivalences. Cyber-Americana and the 21 century minstrel-show. (click the image below)



Let's all dance with our slightly less evil twins! There's a number of tracks here from two different albums I was working on at the same time, one album was of pretty straight ahead fiddle-driven folk for sale at farmer's markets and the other album which was trying to pay as little lip-service to commercial music genres as possible. (click the image below)



The coronavirus onslaught left me with a new superpower, the ability to dissolve the cell wall membranes around pop songs and mix them up into new and more potent blastospheric entities. Here, have the entire hour long album I made in April, 'All Clear: the 3way Soundclash Experiment'. (click the image below)



Well this is my birthday party and so I went and dug as far back as I could find records of, some stuff from cassette tapes I did when I lived in NYC. Plus plenty more, including a world tour of ethnographic forgeries and some beats I was working on to do live folk-tronica gigs with.



Into the mystic dungeon, far below in the cold, still waters of the subconscious. This is a birthday party for that uncomfortably odd fellow, H.P. Lovecraft and includes a full reading of his story, Dagon. Also, the premiere of a hilariously 80's-sounding kids' adventure cartoon based on a thoroughly Gnostic take on the Acts of the Apostles. (click the image below)



It's cold, but dazzlingly brilliant like a flare sizzling away out on the surface of a frozen lake. This hour brings you a club DJ's dancehall interpretation of the world of Classical Antiquity plus a reading of Hans Christian Andersen's masterpiece, 'the Snow Queen.' (click the image below)



The King of Shadows bids you attend, the world is dark but the light hasn't flickered out forever, gather round the glittering embers and blow the fire aflame! Its Yuletide cheer for all at the IJY holiday party, plenty of wassailing and other pagan ritual dressed up in tinsel and lights.



The journey of a thousand miles begins with 11 fun little popsongs brought to you in the first Imagination Junk Yard odd-cast; 2019 seems ages ago now that we've weathered this much of the rocky rutted road of 2020. (click the image below)

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