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IJY Pisces 2020

So if the zodiac is a pie cut in 12 slices, Pisces is the last of the three 'winter pie' pieces... thank goodness. My take on Pisces is that it's all the mystic dreamland available to us if we just stay in our burrows and root cellars and sleep off the last bit of hibernation time. Thusly I feel like celebrating the death of a very odd dreamer indeed, so half the show will be music I've made inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, who died in mid March, 1937. Also, there's a bunch of stuff I've done illustrating my own dreams and we close out the program with a project I've only just begun, music for an 80's kid's adventure cartoon set in the world of early Gnostic Christianity.

music heard in this segment:

0:00 News From Out There

0: 56 Curious Cave Mouths 4:20 Smoke & Frost 8:00 Grotesque Shrines & Necrophagous Shadows 12:57 Star Winds 14:51 Dagon 29:37 Music in the Rue d’Auseil 33: 11 Zaman’s Hill 34:52 Kepler 186f 36:45 Oneirosphere I 37:31 Running Down to the Ocean 39:19 Benthic Verge 42:41 Anamolopteryx 45:13 Ultramarine 47:32 Midnight Blue 51:32 Acts of the Apostles 53:15 Hammer of Hieropolis 54:46 Simeon, A Jew of Ethiopia

57:04 Yamastharion

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As I try to spend more time in these 'odd-casts' playing music and less time talking I feel like I should try and do a better job explaining my somewhat idiosyncratic ideas about what the signs of the zodiac mean to me, so here are some cursory notes:

Pisces is ~~ a water sign, cold ~ aquamarine/ sea green. Persons born under this sign are expected to be modest to the point of timid yet methodical and competent. Pisces rules the last third of winter (the fading/ changing period) as we approach spring. Terminalia stands here at the beginning of Pisces, which was the old New Years when the Roman Calendar only did 10 months. As well, Pisces brings the official Roman parade for Isis that likely had direct influence on ‘carnival’ ~~ one possible etymology for 'carnival' is the carrus navalis, a parade float in the shape of a boat that carried the goddess’ statue in procession. Although the sign was ruled by Jupiter in ancient star charts the two fishes are linked to Venus and Cupid who transformed themselves into fishes to escape the demon Typhon. It is a ‘female’ sign by the boy-girl-boy-girl zodiac reckoning (notably all the water signs are female by that system). And Venus was of course born out of the ocean; this, in a way, is her retreat back into the sea at the end of the year. With the next sign, Aries, standing as the sign of fire and rebirth (the paschal season) the three winter signs are sometimes seen as Death (Capricorn)/ the Ferryman (Aquarius)/ and the river Styx (Pisces). Also of note in this reach of the sky we have Cetus, now thought of as a whale, but originally cast as the sea-monster who harasses the constellation Cassiopea; as well Cetus has been identified with Leviathan. Pisces is equivalent/ covalent w/ the 12th house: Carcer ~ latin for Prison, leading to my description of this period as 'the mystic dungeon'.


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