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IJY Aquarius 2020

Hey, it's storytime! We are deep in winter with Aquarius: Candlemas and the Lupercalia happen now, so pull up close to the fire and shut the door tight for goodness sake. The better part of this episode is me reading a favorite fairy tale, Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen. As well there's a bit of dance music, some political hip-hop, a mystical tale about creation & the apocalypse, as well as a whole suite of pieces I've been doing while reading about festivals and culture in the Ancient Mediterranean.

  1. 1. Birds of America - 'The Tyrant Flycatcher'

  2. 2. Greasy Coat Productions - 'They Spoke Together'

  3. 3. DJ Euripides Presents: I - Temple of Willow Stumps, II - Plague of Cyprian, III - Awaken, Strife!  IV - Consualia, V - Argonauts Eleven.

  4. 4. Greasy Coat Productions - 'Powersuit'

  5. 5. Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Snow Queen.'

Much of what I'm playing for you here is either very new or just sort of stuff I was working up for my own entertainment, so really the only wares I can try and hawk you this time around is my track about the mesoamerican Mayan mythos:


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